Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fur Popsicle Anyone?

Two things took up most of my February.
1) My exams
2) Constant Fashion Week updates on Instagram.

Clearly the latter was more exciting!

Instagram has revolutionised fashion week for us mere mortals who aren't lucky enough to be on the 'Frow'. Instead we can sit in the comfort of our own home and watch as photos and videos flood Instagram's news feed.

I was busy flicking through new pages and looking at Fashion Week street style when I stumbled across a British brand Charlotte Simone. And I am so pleased I did, although this brand has now fuelled an unhealthy obsession towards scarfs and faux fur. 

'Inspired by the effortless style of Parisian women and their ability to build an outfit around a single accessory, Charlotte sought to reinvent the everyday scarf.'

Here are a couple of my favourites: The faux fur hood and striped popsicle.

Now I know it's sunny today (finally) but a small part of me wants it to stay cold so I can keep wrapped up in fluff!


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Money saving earrings...

 I know I speak for a lot of you out there when I say London is an expensive place to live. You will pay nearly twice as much on rent as you would in another city, the average price of a glass of wine is more and even supermarket's feel they can increase their prices. So because most of my money goes on rent, food, going out (and coffee!) I have to find other ways to save money, and sadly that means cutting back on my shopping habit.

Working for a fashion retailer means I don't wear a suit and instead wear whatever I feel like putting on in the morning. The other day I hadn't planned my outfit the night before (error) which meant in the morning I was running around like a loon trying to find an outfit that wasn't a) in the wash b) an outfit I had worn recently and c) seriously creased. 
The manic scramble for clothes made me seriously dislike everything in my wardrobe (we've all been there!) and wished I had bought that lovely new top I'd seen the previous week, but hadn't due to my attempts of 'trying' to be an adult and save...!

In the end, I grabbed a plain white shirt and jeans and realised it wasn't the most exciting outfit in the world and I couldn't find my trusty Zara collar necklace to brighten it up. So instead I grabbed an earring and pinned it in the top button hole of my shirt and suddenly boring outfit became nice new outfit.

So simple tip really....don't buy a new top/shirt which will cost you anywhere between £20 - £40. Instead grab a couple of earrings and pin them onto collars of tops, dresses and shirts and save yourself some money!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How much is a cup of coffee?

So after nearly a year i'm back.....
You may have looked at the title of my 'comeback' blog post and thought: 'Yep, a year's passed and she's lost it. Of course I know how much a coffee is. I live in London, I can tell you the price difference between a Costa skinny soya latte and a Pret cappuccino with extra foam blah blah blah.'

Well you're wrong.

Since we last spoke I have been working full time and then crawling to college after work (literally, my books are so heavy) in order to sit my accountancy exams. I have always had a slight (slight meaning huge) addiction to my morning coffee, and have found this caffeine fuelled substance has become a necessity in my every day working life. 

Some smoke cigarettes, I drink coffee. 

I was in a lecture recently, staring lovingly at my coffee and thanking it for getting me through Saturday morning college when I decided to work out how much it had really cost me that morning. 


I started work in London as a fashion buyer in September 2011. Meaning I have worked in London now for 124 weeks...

 On average, I will have 3 coffees between Monday and Friday. Skinny latte from Pret thank you very much.
Then at the weekend I often find myself at either Starbucks (conveniently at the end of my road) or at another Pret on my way to college.

Say let's say I buy 4 coffees a week at £2.10....that's £8.40 a week...
£33.60 a month
£436.80 a year

(hope you see where i'm going with this..!)

So for the 124 weeks I have worked in London, I have spent a staggering £1,041.60 on Pret skinny lattes. 

To put this into retrospect, here's what I could have bought with my 'Pret Money'

3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Peplum Flare Skirt £830

Laurence Dacade Studded Sandal £670 - just so great for the summer!

Mother of Pearl Sateen Coat £875

3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Backpack £740

3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel £740 (my favourite)


1,041 penny sweets if that's what really floats your boat.

The phrase 'Some like their money where they can see it; hanging in their wardrobe' comes to mind when reading the above. And indeed, I would love to have a 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt hanging next to my Mother of Pearl coat whilst I parade around in my Laurence Dacade sandals but then I look at the below quote and decide that actually, maybe my morning Pret isn't such a bad investment after all.... 


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Introduction to the 'boy'.....

Looking at various street styles from this years fashion weeks it is becoming very obvious that there is a new women around town: She is called The Tomboy

(above photos taken from
(photo taken from google)
(Photo taken from
(Photo taken from

I've tried the trend a few times (typical outfit of black jeans, wedge trainers, jumper and black beanie) and I must admit - it is so lovely not having to worry about holding your tummy in the whole day and I really like the androgynous look (like the photos above). However, I find that I feel more 'relaxed' (probably because i'm so comfy) so I tend not to do as much during the day!
Another down side to it - I don't think i'm 'cool' enough to pull it off...and it's probably by sub conscious but my make up doesn't last the whole I tend not to feel my best on these days! 

However - the tomboy trend may suit you! 
And I do love my collection of beanies that I now have!


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Monday, 25 February 2013

Last Weeks Outfits...

Sorry for the lack of 'fashion related' posts - been a busy week getting rid of this chest infection (yuck!)
But here are a couple of my Instagram outfits....

ASOS leather trousers, Topshop boots, Jigsaw top
I bought this bun doughnut from Primark last week and it was the extra large one! It's amazing - but my hair barely fits round it :(

Dorothy Perkins army jacket, Topshop jeans, River Island chelsea boots, YSL arty ring.
My friend gave this jacket to me last week, so thought i'd give the army trend a go!

Zara shirt, ASOS Leather trousers, Chanel bag, YSL arty ring
I love monochrome - which is lucky considering my wardrobe is mainly black and white! (how boring...!)


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