Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How much is a cup of coffee?

So after nearly a year i'm back.....
You may have looked at the title of my 'comeback' blog post and thought: 'Yep, a year's passed and she's lost it. Of course I know how much a coffee is. I live in London, I can tell you the price difference between a Costa skinny soya latte and a Pret cappuccino with extra foam blah blah blah.'

Well you're wrong.

Since we last spoke I have been working full time and then crawling to college after work (literally, my books are so heavy) in order to sit my accountancy exams. I have always had a slight (slight meaning huge) addiction to my morning coffee, and have found this caffeine fuelled substance has become a necessity in my every day working life. 

Some smoke cigarettes, I drink coffee. 

I was in a lecture recently, staring lovingly at my coffee and thanking it for getting me through Saturday morning college when I decided to work out how much it had really cost me that morning. 


I started work in London as a fashion buyer in September 2011. Meaning I have worked in London now for 124 weeks...

 On average, I will have 3 coffees between Monday and Friday. Skinny latte from Pret thank you very much.
Then at the weekend I often find myself at either Starbucks (conveniently at the end of my road) or at another Pret on my way to college.

Say let's say I buy 4 coffees a week at £2.10....that's £8.40 a week...
£33.60 a month
£436.80 a year

(hope you see where i'm going with this..!)

So for the 124 weeks I have worked in London, I have spent a staggering £1,041.60 on Pret skinny lattes. 

To put this into retrospect, here's what I could have bought with my 'Pret Money'

3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Peplum Flare Skirt £830

Laurence Dacade Studded Sandal £670 - just so great for the summer!

Mother of Pearl Sateen Coat £875

3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Backpack £740

3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel £740 (my favourite)


1,041 penny sweets if that's what really floats your boat.

The phrase 'Some like their money where they can see it; hanging in their wardrobe' comes to mind when reading the above. And indeed, I would love to have a 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt hanging next to my Mother of Pearl coat whilst I parade around in my Laurence Dacade sandals but then I look at the below quote and decide that actually, maybe my morning Pret isn't such a bad investment after all.... 


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  1. Bei den Outfits hast du eine sehr schöne Auswahl getroffen. Die sehen sehr schön aus.


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